Monday, June 6, 2016


They say freshman year at Marriage U is the hardest; and the truth is our course-load was more ambitious than most.   

In addition to the prerequisite mergers of family, friends and finance, Will and I took on an insane number of electives. 

“Introduction to Real-Estate;” “Mortgage:  A Crash Course;” and “Renovation for Dummies” each demanded patience and follow-through.  Meanwhile, "So You Wanna Make a Baby?" had the absolute BEST homework!  Though I hear the continuing ed is a challenge...

Together, passing these classes made us smarter, stronger and more confident.  But as always, the real lessons were too nuanced for the report card. 

“Forsaking all others” sounds great at orientation, but go ahead and ask two people-pleasers to divide their holidays.  “For richer or poorer” is simple in theory, but doesn’t quite capture the leaps of financial faith necessitated by home ownership and parenthood.  “In sickness and health” rolls right off the tongue until you’re up all night, hydrating your sick wife against the threat of premature labor.  

But would I change even one millisecond of our first year as man and wife?


Will, today more than ever you are my best friend.  You are my partner in crime.  You are the only one I trust with my heart, my hopes and my dreams.  Making you smile is my mission.  Making you proud is my delight.  Making your baby is my honor.  And making the decision to flirt with you at that party will continue to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m not naive enough to believe this will be our toughest year – there will be tougher.  But if our freshman efforts have taught me anything it’s that nothing can shake the bond we've built and the love we share.

One down, forever to go. 

Happy Anniversary!

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