Thursday, May 22, 2014


“Maybe I don’t need to do this anymore.  I could get some cats, take up knitting and live a perfectly content life without this nonsense.  And of course, there’s always lesbianism.” 

Remember that, readers?  Only three short years ago, I was a single girl on a ‘laborious’ mission to find her soul mate.  It seems like a lifetime has passed since I felt this way about love; that I could expedite fate with an attractive profile picture or a clever ‘about me’ section. 

 “One year on an online dating site. The goal: to find someone normal without being abducted in the process.” 

Earnest?  Seemingly.
Frustrating?  Definitely.

Entertaining?  I’d like to think so.  J
Ultimately though, my mission was doomed.  Along the way there were disastrous dates and fruitless flings.  There were sassy similes and manscaping metaphors. 

There was also alliteration…
…a lot of alliteration!

Sadly though, there was no love.   
I lost. 

But it wasn’t until I lost that I could truly win it all.  These “de-blog-cles” were little adventures that taught me about myself and the things I wanted.  Each date was a step further from the pain of my previous break-up.  Every tear was another stride toward the woman I wanted to be.  Every friend; every vacation; every comment; every kind man who built me up and every jackass that put me down inspired me to grow and change and strive.  EVERY moment was important.           
I’m an ellipses---an eternal work in progress---but now I’m happy to say that I have someone to progress with.  We met 1 year and 9 months ago at a party on Long Island.  I noticed him in the kitchen and he noticed me on the porch.  When he finally turned and asked

“Would you like to have coffee sometime?”
I hopped the porch railing, ran barefoot through the grass, met him in the middle of the yard and said “Ok.” 

On the car-ride home I called my mother and told her that I met the man I was going to marry.  I was horribly lost but it didn’t matter. 
On March 16th, when he got down on one knee and asked me if I’d do him the honor of becoming his wife, without hesitation, I said “YES!”

The hard part is over, right?  I mean… planning a wedding has GOT to be easier than dating…hasn’t it?
We’ll see…